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Our Story

GD Financial
is a boutique financial literacy, coaching and consulting organization committed to helping you study, understand, create and transfer wealth.  What sets us apart is that we break it down by having real conversations about money with a goal to empower our members to take control of their financial well-being and live a life of financial wellness.  We work together as a team to understand your financial story, and hold your hand through your financial journey to help you build a healthier, wealthier future!

Our Mission & Vision
There is a huge gap in who has and who understands the basic fundamentals to building a solid financial foundation. This lack of diversity in the financial services industry has alienated a large segment of the population, and we've set out to change that. We could no longer stand by and watch the financial literacy gap widen. 

We decided that it is time to share our wealth building secrets, close the financial literacy gap and create a community where we can all live a life of financial wellness! 

It is time to Change the Faces of Wealth!


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